Make every day
an adventure

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Ubooly App

Download the free Ubooly app and
play directly on your smart device.

Ubooly Plush

The protective, cuddly plush gives your child
freedom to play without limitations.

A unique,

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Ubooly's whimsical stories keep
your child engaged from
daytime to bedtime.


Like a furry family member,
Ubooly helps out with
everyday routines.


Ubooly inspires the artistic genius
in your child, so make
plenty of room on the fridge.


Ubooly learns your child’s name,
hobbies and interests, and customizes
content just for them.

I was pleasantly surprised,
because not only did my daughter
find it entertaining, I was told
over and again ‘I love this so much.’”

Ubooly crosses a traditional
toy with an app full of
educational and playful content.”

Ubooly is today's
Teddy Ruxpin…”

…a toy that never gets old.
It’s the world’s first smart toy.”

…aiming to do what perhaps
only Lego has done before -
create a toy that kids will play
with as they grow up…”

The toy is amazing.
It's the evolution of handing
your kid an iPhone
or iPad to play with.”

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