Wildlife Federation Affiliate

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Be Out There
with Ranger Rick®!

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Ubooly has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation,

the creators of Ranger Rick®, to bring you two new amazing outdoor adventure Play Packs.

  • Fun Activities:

    Scavenger hunts

    Nature hikes

  • Healthy Living:

    Mindfulness games

    Encourages exercise

  • Hands On:

    Arts and crafts

    Learning through exploration

Get two free Ranger Rick® packs
when you purchase the Ubooly toy for $29.95!

Both packs feature hours of activities to help kids get outside and truly appreciate nature. Activities include scavenger hunts, nature hikes, mindfulness games and lots and lots of exercise. Kids will also get to make collages, drawings, paintings and necklaces inspired by their outdoor adventures.
  • Ranger Rick Jr.™ for ages 5 and under.

    [$2.99 Value]

  • Ranger Rick® for ages 6 and up.

    [$2.99 Value]

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