How to play with Ubooly

What commands can Ubooly understand?
  • Ubooly can understand voice commands “Yes”, “No”, “Play a game”, “Listen to music”, “Tell me a story”, “Tell me a joke”, and many more. Often the responses that Ubooly will understand are based on the question that was just asked. If you want to do a different activity with Ubooly, simply double tap his face. Holding Ubooly's face for five seconds will display a manual control menu with sleep, forward, and backward touch commands. Also, try shaking Ubooly or tossing Ubooly into the air for a fun surprise!
How does bump work?
  • Bump two sleeping Uboolies together. They will wake up and start talking to each other! Both devices must either be connected to WiFi or have bluetooth enabled.
How do I wake Ubooly up?
  • Tap the screen to wake Ubooly.
How do I skip an activity?
  • Just double-tap the screen and Ubooly will ask you if you would like to do something different.
How do I put Ubooly to sleep?
  • You can double tap the screen and Ubooly will ask you if you would like to do a different activity. From here, you can just say 'sleep' or 'go to sleep'.
Are in-app purchases required to play with Ubooly?
  • Ubooly is fully functional without any in-app purchases. New content is delivered to all users on a monthly basis. Special Play Packs for learning are available as an additional purchase
What age of children will enjoy Ubooly?
  • Ubooly is primarily meant for children ages 4 to 10. While children outside of this age range often enjoy playing with Ubooly, it will depend more on their temperament and preferences.
What if I want Ubooly, but my child is only a toddler?
  • Don’t worry! "Toddler Mode" is available when creating or editing a profile. Activating this mode caters a better experience for toddlers, allowing your child to grow at an appropriate level with Ubooly based on their developmental level.

My Ubooly order

What comes with my Ubooly order?
  • Your Ubooly order includes the plush toy and free membership to regular content updates.
When will my Ubooly arrive?
  • US orders arrive within 1 week of order placement.
  • International orders arrive within 2 weeks of order placement.
  • If you place your order before 4pm MST, your order will be shipped the following day.
Do you accept international orders?
  • Yep. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. If you need expedited shipping, please contact
Can I return my order?
  • You may return your order within 30 days of arrival if the toy is still in new condition, for a full refund. Just email with your request and order number.
How much does shipping cost?
  • Shipping within the United States is $5. Shipping for international orders is $15.

How it Works

Which mobile devices does Ubooly support?
  • Ubooly supports iPhone (4 and newer), iPod touch (5 and newer), Android devices (OS 2.3.4 and newer), iPad Mini.
Does my device need to be connected to cellular service?
  • No, you can use your device with a WiFi connection during setup, and the app will work normally without any internet or cellular connection. For the best experience, a WiFi connection is recommended.
Is there a danger of my child breaking my mobile device?
  • Ubooly is built out of a durable foam material that is designed to protect your device if the toy is dropped or tossed.
Can I use my mobile device with a case?
  • Most mobile devices will fit even with a case. Some Android phones will be too large to fit with a case, as well as certain cases are too large to fit. The maximum phone size that will fit in a small Ubooly is 70mm in width.
Will I miss calls while my child is playing with Ubooly?
  • If you are using your primary device and are worried that you might miss calls, you may consider enabling Airplane Mode to automatically forward to voicemail, or turn on call forwarding.
What is the battery life when playing with Ubooly?
  • Your device should last 2-3 hours when playing with Ubooly in most scenarios. The battery life will be similar to that of playing games on your device.
What languages are supported?
  • The Ubooly app is currently available in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.
What colors are available?
  • Orange, Lime Green, and Hot Pink.
How does Ubooly get smarter?
  • The Ubooly team is constantly producing new exciting content for children, which is automatically delivered to your mobile device while the app is running and connected to the internet.
Is Ubooly educational?
  • Of course! Many of our activities include a learning experience, and often result in Active Play. Special Play Packs for learning are avilable for in-app purchase which cover unique topics as a multi-session course packed full of fun activities and experiments.


My unlock code isn't working.
  • Your device must be connected to internet service to activate an unlock code. If you need additional help, please contact
Why won't my Ubooly wake up?
  • Simply tap the screen. This should wake Ubooly up. If your Ubooly doesn't wake, please contact
Why doesn't Ubooly hear what I say?
  • Ubooly is only listening after asking a question, and will only respond to certain phrases based on the question. If Ubooly doesn't hear you after it asks a question, there may be water damage to your microphone. To test your microphone, open the Voice Memo app on your device and test whether it is working and recording your input at a reasonable volume. For additional support, please email
Why is my device so hot after playing with Ubooly?
  • The Ubooly toy will trap heat which normally radiates from your phone during normal usage. This does not danger your device or your child, and your device is still well within normal operating range - equivalent to using your device outside on a sunny day.
Where can I find the Ubooly app?
  • Search for 'Ubooly' in the Apple app store, or on Google Play. If you are having difficulty finding the app, please contact

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